Master Chef 1st & 2nd session
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par Luc Branchoux

Wednesday, January 11th : Master Chef 1st session

Today, a group from 4.5 cooked some traditional British desserts in the school’s kitchens. Here are the pictures of our proud chefs with their preparation :
- Enola & Maryo : Pecan brownie
- Lola & Ange : Shortbread
- Alexy & Gwenaël : Vanilla cupcakes
- Adam & Evann : Fudge cake
- Flora & Clarisse : Fruit cake
- Lya & Léa T. : Gingerbread men

The winning dessert was… Adam’s and Evann’s Fudge cake ! Of course all the desserts were really delicious ! Congrats to all !

Wednesday, January 18th : Master Chef 2st session

Back to the school’s kitchens with the second group of 4.5 ! Today, our students cooked other traditional British desserts :
- Manon & Nolan : Apple crumble
- Nathaël : Carrot muffins
- Gabin & Adama : Sticky toffee pudding
- Paul-Marie & Jahël : Chocolate chip cookies
- Kensley & Timéo : Lemon drizzle cake
- Julie & Léa N. : Victoria sponge cake

The winning desserts were… Nathaël’s Carrot muffins and Kensley & Timéo’s Lemon drizzle cake ! Again, all the desserts were really delicious ! Congrats to all !
As a conclusion, I’d like to thank all the 4.5 for these two pleasant mornings. A very big thank you to the actual chefs, Patrick and Michaël, for their help and patience, and a special thank you to the members of the jury for being so serious and for their efforts in speaking English.

Miss F.

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